Make an impact.

Your Generosity Is Impacting lives.

When you tithe, you’re trusting God with your finances.


Financial giving through the church is done in two ways: tithes and offerings. Tithing is a biblical principle. God calls us to give the first 10% of our income back to Him. We’ve seen God provide abundantly in our church, and we know He will provide abundantly for you and your family when you put Him first in your finances.


When we give in addition to our tithe, it’s called an offering. God tells us in His Word that He loves a cheerful giver, which is why we always want to create opportunities to give as He leads us and with a cheerful heart, through no obligation.

Mobile Giving

Quick Convenient giving on your mobile device


Any Dollar Amount



You will follow a quick, self-guided setup process to tie your mobile phone to our church, your donor account, and a payment source. After that, donating is as easy as sending a text.

More Ways To Give

Give by mail

You can send your gift by mail using a check made out to Safe Harbor Outreach


P.0. BOX 681904

Give assets

Many people find creative ways of giving to God’s church including paper goods, food for our pantry, personal property, etc. Contact us at or call us with questions about giving assets.