Meet Our Missionaries 




Charles and Tammy Hasselbring are one of the missionary couples that we are currently supporting overseas. The Hasselbrings are working with South Africa Tabernacles,  manufacturing steel structures all across South Africa, Lesotho, Swaziland, and Botswana. These steel structures provide an  adequate place in the community where people can gather for church. With the support of Safe Harbor and others,  Charles and Tammy Hasselbring bring an amazing gift in giving people an opportunity to be able to gather and worship God. Since their return to Africa last November they have put up four structures for different congregations. They will continue to build several different structures over this next year. Due to having such a great exchange rate they  have been able to buy steel and build a lot more buildings than they ever imagined. 







Steve and Tece Entsminger have been AG World Missionaries for 25 years working with youth and children. This term they have been involved in promoting children's ministry in Spain through workshops, training, kids camps and local pastoral ministry while also serving in Missions Field Leadership. Of the 45+ million people in Spain, about 1% are evangelical according to Operation World. They are dedicated to reaching the most open people group, the children.

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