Marriage Mentoring

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Marriage Mentoring is a ministry linking couples together to discover Gods best for your marriage. Our focus is to help prevent engaged couples from developing a bad marriage, to take good marriages to the next level, to save marriages that are in trouble, and to reconcile and restore marriages that have been broken.


Marriage Mentoring Ministry has a passion to help engaged and married couples build and maintain a God-centered, life long relationship. We team you up with another experienced couple to explore some of the challenges and issues of married life. Our focus is to help keep engaged couples from developing bad marriages; take good marriages to the next level; save marriages that are in trouble, and reconcile and restore marriages that have been broken. Marriage Mentors welcome all couples, whether your are a member of our church or not. We welcome you to take this journey towards strengthening the bond between the husband, wife, and God.


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Marriage Mentoring Directors


Where do we start?

All you have to do is complete the Marriage Mentoring Request form below.  All of your information is completely safe and confidential.  Once your request has been received, we will contact you with an email confirmation along with details about the next steps in the mentoring process.